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Options In Scholarships For Medical Students At Spartan Health Sciences University

Students attending Spartan Health Sciences University and completing their Green Book ACGME approved clinical rotations in American training hospitals have the ability to obtain an MBBS in USA scholarship.

All students working with Zordha Education receive a reduction in tuition, which is a significant factor in the medical scholarships available at Spartan Health Sciences University. This reduction in tuition is 40%, and this low tuition makes the cost of completing the MBBS very reasonable.

More than 87% of Spartan Health Sciences University students get Residency/PG in USA in their very first attempt. Residency/PG in USA is absolutely free and on top of that students get a stipend of minimum 50,000 USD while doing their PG. This gives them a unique opportunity to earn back whatever they have spent during their MBBS.

On Completion of PG in USA the minimum salary that the students get is 200,000 USD, providing money, respect, and the sense of accomplishment through social service to the community.

Assistance from Zordha Education

Our scholarships for medical students can be paid over five years in eight installments. The cost includes all tuition, student fees, graduation fees, NBME fees, and also covers the cost of health insurance for students and the malpractice insurance during Clinical Rotations in ACGME approved teaching hospitals in USA.

This makes it simple to budget, and the MBBS scholarship in USA offered by Zordha Education provides a significant saving for all students. We provide a full schedule of payments on the website, ensuring full transparency to costs and fees throughout the course of study.

The Zordha Education scholarships for medical students also include the option for students to stay at our separate boys’ and girls’ hostels, which also includes a North or South Indian meal plan. Each meal is prepared by a chef, ensuring authentic food with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

Our focus at Zordha Education is to provide assistance to students in all stages of their MBBS and professional program. This includes providing tuition support as well as assisting in PG placement. In 2020, 100% of the MBBS students from Spartan Health Sciences University who applied for a PG in the USA were placed in a matching PG program at a recognized American hospital.

Fee Structure with 40% Scholarship

Year 1

Year 1

The complete Pre-Med training for Year One in St. Lucia is 4 semesters or 16 months. This is a total cost of $10, 200 USD, or $2,550 USD for each of the 4 trimesters. At the end of this 16 month training, students earn an Associate Degree with 90 Credit Hours of College Level Study(also known as Pre Med) and automatically matriculate into the 4 year MD Doctor of Medicine (MBBS) course of study.

Year 2 and 3

Year 2 and Year 3

Years 2 and 3 of training include the basic science courses in St. Lucia and include 5 trimesters of 4 months each for a total of 20 months of training. This is $3,750 USD per trimesters for the trimesters. There are three trimesters in Year 2 and 2 trimesters in Year 3 for a total of $11,250 USD for Year 2 and $7,500 USD for Year 3. The combined cost of these two years is $18,750 USD.

Year 4 and 5

Year 4 and Year 5

Year 4 and Year 5 are undertaken in ACGME approved Teaching Hospitals in USA . The total cost is $52,500 USD or $10,500 USD per trimesters. Students may also select clinical rotations in St. Lucia at $7,000 USD per trimesters, Jamaica at $9,000 USD or in India at $8,000 USD per trimesters.

Minimum Stipend during PG/Residency in USA

This is what you EARN while doing Residency/PG in USA.

Indian Rupee
1 48,000 36,00,000
2 53,000 39,75,000
3 57,000 42,75,000
Total 1,58,000 11,850,000

USD to INR exchange calculated at 1USD = 75 rupees

Residency/PG in USA is completely Free.

This offers a unique opportunity to students to earn back whatever they have spent while doing their Residency/PG in USA

Please Note:

More than 87% Spartan Graduates get PG in USA in their very first attempt
There are more than 2400 Spartan Graduates practicing as doctors in USA.
After Completing their Residency/PG in USA, students or now Doctors earn a minimum of 2,00,000 USD per year or 1.5 crore Indian Rupees as starting salary.
With experience over 5-7 years most doctors earn upwards of 1 million USD or 7.5 crore Indian Rupees per year in USA.

40% Scolarship

Paid in 8 installments over 5 years as illustrated below:

Cost of Attendance includes Tuition Fees, Health Insurance, Spartan Student Affair’s Fees, NBME Fees, Graduation Fees, Lab Fees, etc

Instalment No.
Cost of Attendance without Scholarship
Cost of Attendance with 40 % Scholarship
Year 1 1 18200 1365000 11,400 855000
Year 2 2 20,200 1515000 13,000 975000
Year 3 3 12,700 952500 8000 600000
Year 4 4 13247 993525 11247 843525
5 12747 956025 10747 806025
6 12747 956025 10747 806025
Year 5 7 13747 1031025 11247 843525
8 13097 982275 11097 832275
Total 8 1,16,685 87,51,375 87,485 65,61,375

USD to INR exchange calculated at 1 USD = 75 Indian Rupees

Total Cost of Attendance of Spartan Health Science University without Scholarship is 1,16,685 USD or 87,51,375 INR

Total Cost of Attendance of Spartan Health Science University with 40% Scholarship awarded exclusively to Zordha Education students is 87,485 USD or 65,61,375 INR

Total Scholarship awarded exclusively to Zordha Education students get is 29,200 USD or 21,90,000 INR

Living Cost

Zordha Education is elated to offer its own separate Girl’s and boy’s hostel and meal plans in partnership with the University. All the rooms in the hostel are fully furnished with modern amenities like AC,TV, Refrigerator, Wardrobes, Bed, Study table etc. Cleaning Ladies are appointed at each hostel who clean the room, do laundry, iron the clothes and other chores. Security Guard are stationed at each hostel. All hostels are under cctv monitoring. Utilities like electricity, internet bill, cable, water bill,etc are included.

We have sent a North Indian Chef and a South Indian chef to St. Lucia who cook authentic and mouth watering North Indian and South Indian delicacies. Pure Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian options are available under both the meal plans. Meal plan includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Option One

  • NON AC Sharing room + Meal Plan
  • 6600 USD Per Year
  • Student may choose from North Indian or South Indian Meal Plan

Option Two

  • AC Sharing room + Meal Plan
  • 7200 USD Per Year
  • Student may choose from North Indian or South Indian Meal Plan
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