Career In Medicine/ MBBS in USA

This Webinar is to Help You Decide Your Future… 
Are You Available to Decide Your Future? 

This Sunday

16th August

5:00 PM onwards

We want to equip you with essential information and the tools through which you can Evaluate, with your own logic and intellect, the following important and pertinent questionst,

How to choose your Career?

Do you really want to pursue a career in medicine?

If yes, How to select the best path to become a successful doctor
And most importantly,

How then to select the best college, the perfect college FOR YOU, to ensure a successful career

We aim to help you and your parents make an Informed Decision and NOT a decision based on Heresy, or Groping in the dark, without knowing anything about the Obstacles, the Possibilities & the Opportunities on Your Path to a successful Career.

Don’t let it be taken in darkness or ignorance.
Let it be taken with Awareness !!

The Webinar on the 16th August, at 5 PM; covers:

  • Career in Medicine
  • Different paths available to pursue a Career in Medicine
  • Information about each path (MBBS in Countries like India, Russia, China, Ukraine, USA, etc)
  • How to select the best path for a particular individual
  • How to select a medical college to become a successful doctor for a particular individual
  • How to select any college and discussion about careers after 12th science
  • Information about Spartan Health Science University & MBBS in USA
Forward this to your Parents, and request them to join you on the webinar with Zordha, 
On the 16th of August, at 5:00 Onwards.

See you soon, Virtually 🙂

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