Student Life

Student Life At
Spartan Health Sciences University

As part of your studies at Spartan Health Science University, you will be presented with a wealth of learning opportunities during clinical rotations in the USA. This experience plays a large part in strengthening your application for PG, allowing you to join the thousands of Spartan graduates who are now successfully practicing medicine in the USA.

New Students

New Students

Our admissions staff and the Office of Our admissions staff and the Office of Student Services work closely with each new student to ensure everything is ready for their arrival. work closely with each new student to ensure everything is ready for their arrival. Students have the ability to select their housing preferences, and this allows for a smooth transition.

  • We have two Indian chefs at our Hostel, originating from both South and North India, offering authentic vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisine and delicacies.
  • We meet students at the airport and take them on a short tour of Vieux Fort to make them comfortable in finding their way around to stores, the campus, and to the various restaurants in the area. Our staff also makes sure students are located in their new apartment and have everything required. All rooms are furnished with kitchen appliances, dishes and utensils as well as cable, internet, and cleaning and laundry services.
  • New students are invited on a tour of St. Lucia on the weekend before Orientation day. This is a great time to enjoy the scenery, get to know the island and to meet some of the other students.
  • Orientation Day is the first Monday of the first trimester of class. This is a time for the Dean of Basic Sciences to welcome new students and to provide all necessary information, including procedures and policies. The faculty is also introduced, and are available to assist students with course registration and other important issues.
  • After this is completed, the students are taken on a tour of the campus, followed by a friendly, relaxing, St. Lucian style lunch. Family and guests of new students are welcome to attend.
  • The Friday of the first week of classes is also an important day for new students and their family members or guests. This is the White Coat Ceremony, where students receive their stethoscopes and white coats. The students participate in the Student Oath, and current students, staff, and faculty officially welcome the newcomers to Spartan Health Sciences University.

Student Involvement

One of the many benefits of attending Spartan Health Sciences University is the number of groups and student activities available. Our students can choose to become leaders and to get involved in one or more of the many events that are ongoing on campus or to give back to the community.

American Medical Student Association

Our AMSA (American Medical Student Association) Community Clinic is a wonderful example of how our medical students can interact with people in the community and provide much-needed medical services under the supervision of our faculty. Our chapter of AMSA is very active and provides numerous outreach programs to the communities of St. Lucia.


The SSA or the Spartan Students Association is the largest organization on the campus. The leadership is elected from the student population and serves for a trimester. This essential group is the liaison between the student body and the administration, providing the student’s voice in decision making. The SSA also plans many events, including the Spartan Games and A Taste of Spartan, both of which are much anticipated by students and faculty alike.


In addition to the many community and health awareness activities, students can become active in the ASBMB Spartan Health Sciences University student chapter, and become a leader in the executive. Our Spartan Bio Markers Club was officially inaugurated by Dr. Gurumurthy on March 21, 2016, and continues to provide research presentations on relevant topics. The goal of this club is to increase student knowledge of analysis and evaluation of data while also increasing confidence in speaking before an audience.

Medicall Kit

Spartan Health Sciences University offers presentations throughout the year from related businesses and contributors to our program. We even host special days, like the Mental Health Awareness Walk, the Walk for Breast Cancer, and the International Yoga Day.

Community Health and Research Center of Spartan

CHARCOS, the Community Health and Research Center of Spartan, is the parent organization of the Spartan Bio Markers Club. This organization is also focused on increasing student culture and developing a lifelong interest in research and academic presentations.

Academic Clubs

In addition to the academic clubs and organizations, Spartan Health Sciences University offers a wide range of sports teams. Our students can enjoy cricket, volleyball, basketball, and swimming, with other sports also popular on campus. These games are a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful weather and also support physical fitness and a sense of community.

Student Life at Spartan

Enjoying Your Time At Spartan Health Sciences University

Celebrations on campus include Holi, Diwali, Navratri and Eid celebrations, as well as bonfires, the Taste of Spartan and the Spartan Games. We also have several events hosted by the student organizations, including the Spartan Health Fair and entertainment throughout the year.

The faculty is always available to assist students, with the goal to create a compassionate and caring campus where students are valued, encouraged, and supported throughout their studies.

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