A Closer Look At An MBBS In Russia

Universities around the world market directly to students in India for a wide range of degree programs. Students in India with interest in earning an MBBS and going on to complete a PG to become a doctor in the USA are often targeted by universities throughout the world, including those in Russia.

While there are quality programs for students in the medical field around the world, there are also challenges in earning an MBBS in Russia. Before committing to attend a university offering an MBBS in Russia, consider your options and talk to the staff at Zordha Education.

The Value of Attending a Recognized University

Zordha Education is an exclusive admission advisor and representative for Spartan Health Science University.Located in beautfiful St. Lucia in the Caribbean, this highly-regarded university offers students five years of education combined with clinical rotations in the United States with ACGME approved hospitals.

Throughout their academic studies, students have the opportunity to work in state-of-the-art laboratories and clinical settings. They obtain real-world experience through working at local clinics and participating in various events on campus and in ACGME approved hospitals in USA.

Graduates of Spartan Health Sciences University have more than 87% placement rate for PG in the United States. Doctors with a degree from Spartan Health Sciences University can be found in hospitals and practices around the world.

The advantages Spartan Health Sciences University offers over an MBBS in Russia include the ability to complete a PG in the USA, the low cost of tuition, and a quality student-life experience in a beautiful island setting.

The Challenges of Obtaining an MBBS in Russia

Most Indian students focus on when choosing to attend medical colleges in Russia is the low cost of tuition and living expenses (the focus of most Indian students, when choosing to attend medical colleges in Russia, is the low…expenses). While this is an advantage, the challenges after completing a 6-year MBBS in Russia are often significant and impact the graduate’s ability to find PG placement and work.

The first obstacle is the lack of English courses in medical colleges in Russia. Many students placed in an MBBS in Russia will only have the first three years of their programs with English instruction and the last three in Russian. Patient interaction in clinical rotations will be in Russian, so learning the language becomes a priority.

Many educational consultants promoting an MBBS in Russia for Indian students imply they can complete clinical rotations that allow them to earn a PG in the USA. This is simply not the case. It is also impossible to complete an MBBS in Russia and then complete the ACGME approved Green Book clinical rotations.

After students study MBBS in Russia, they are still required to pass the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) or the MCI screening test and the NEET-PG, which will all become one exam known as the NEXT exam. This is extremely challenging, with the Indian Embassy in Moscow providing the passing percentage by medical colleges in Russia. Several of the universities offering the MBBS in Russia have a 0% pass rate, with the highest pass rate still well below 50%, and the majority at less than 20%.

Finally, students who study MBBS in Russia and manage to pass the NEXT exam are still faced with significant reductions in income. Graduates of an MBBS in Russia for Indian students are likely to earn only 35K to 70K INR, while graduates from US PG programs can earn as much as 2-3 lakh per day if they have a specialization.

While doing pg in usa, students earn a minimum of 50,000 usd per year as stipend

After completing pg in usa, students(doctors now) earn a minimum of 200,000 usd per year

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