Obtaining An MBBS Abroad For Indian Students

Students in India aspiring to a career as a doctor have a difficult academic journey if they pursue their MBBS in the country. The shortage of seats at private and government colleges and universities in India means that a large number of students will pursue their MBBS abroad each year.

Complete Your Research to Study MBBS Abroad

Before applying to study MBBS abroad, it is recommended that each student completes research on both the country and the university or MBBS colleges abroad they are considering. The National Medical Council (NMC) requires that any student graduating from a foreign MBBS program can only practice in India as a doctor if she or he is also eligible to practice as a physician in the country where they obtained their MBBS. This information can be obtained by checking with the authorizing and empowered accreditation body in that specific country.

We recommend that students review:

  • NMC approval for any MBBS colleges abroad
  • World Directory of Medical School listings
  • WFME (World Federation for Medical Education) and ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) requirements
  • The prospects after obtaining an MBBS abroad for Indian students from the school

Students completing an MBBS abroad that do not meet the WFME and ECFMG standards will not be able to practice as a doctor in the USA. For those students focusing on a career in the USA after taking an MBBS abroad, this is a critical consideration.

An MBBS abroad for Indian students that is compliant with all requirements to pursue a career as a doctor in India and the USA offers graduates the ability to provide a service for their community, earn respect, and have a comfortable income.

Several recognized ‘Caribbean Medical Colleges’ offer Indian students an MBBS abroad with amazing prospects to become successful doctors able to practice in the United States, India and world wide with a unique opportunity to earn back whatever they have spent during their MBBS abroad.

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