Basic NEET Exam Information

Students applying for an MBBS in India are required to write the NEET Exam (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test). There is both a NEET UG and a NEET PG(which would be replaced with NEXT Exam now) that is required at different points in the student’s educational time in India.

It is common to find as many as 15-16 lakh students appearing to write the NEET UG exam every year with just about 80,000 seats available for MBBS in India.


Here are some Interesting Statistics

of NEET 2020.

Students who Registered for NEET 2020

Students who Appeared for NEET 2020

Students who qualified NEET 2020 or got Eligibility in Neet 2020

& there are just about 80,000 MBBS seats available in India.

Generally, about 2.5 to 3 lakh students, i.e., those who have already completed their MBBS, appear for or write the NEET PG exam every year competing for just about 32,000 positions or 32,000 Medical PG seats available in India.

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Technical Information about NEET

NEET is an Eligibility cum Entrance exam which means it is mandatory to get eligibility in NEET or qualify NEET to get admission in MBBS in India. As Neet is an entrance exam of India, technically students should not require eligibility in NEET to get admission in a Foreign Medical College. 

But Because NEET is also an Eligibility Exam,

If a Student who Secures Admission in a Foreign Medical College, without Qualifying NEET,  then he/she will not be able to practise as a Doctor in India.

For students who could not qualify NEET,

Please do not get disheartened.

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and YES in India too !


Now let’s Understand,

How to become a Successful Doctor even without NEET Eligibility?

Indian government and MCI which is now replaced by NMC (National Medical Counsil) has recognized Medical PG of 5 countries

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia 
  • New Zealand

If You Complete Medical PG in any of these 5 countries, you can Practice as a Doctor in India Irrespective of the Fact Whether You Got Eligibility in NEET or not; Irrespective of The Fact Whether You Appeared for NEET or not.

That’s not it !

If you complete medical PG from any of these five countries, you are also not required to appear for and qualify the MCI Screening Test which is now going to be replaced by NEXT exam. You can directly register as a PG doctor and start your practise in india.

So the aim now is to select an MBBS college which exponentially increases your chances

Of getting PG in USA & to ensure you Become a Global Doctor.

We are eager to help you if you want to take admission in the best MBBS college, where 100% of students got PG in USA in 2020. 

Whether you have Qualified NEET or not, one exam doesn’t define your career nor can it stop you from becoming a Successful Doctor.

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Not all universities and colleges that offer an MBBS are designed to help students to learn how to become a successful doctor.

In fact, many of the universities in foreign countries do not offer the required Green Book clinical rotations in ACGME approved teaching hospitals in the USA. Instead, they offer observerships, which do not qualify the student to be able to apply for a PG.

Other universities, and in particular Spartan Health Sciences University, are designed to train graduates on how to become a successful doctor. Zordha Education supports student learning throughout the application, admissions, education, and PG components of their MBBS, ensuring students have the skills, the knowledge, and the experience to be successful as a doctor in the US, India, or other countries around the world.

We work with students in making the path to obtaining a rewarding and lucrative career in medicine a reality, by providing the expertise and knowledge in choosing the best educational program available. In choosing to complete an MBBS in the Caribbean, our students are usually matched with a PG in the USA on their first application. This is very different than trying for three to four years to the NEET PG in India.

Why just become a Doctor when you have an opportunity to become a Successful Doctor with PG in USA

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This is very different from trying for three to four years or 3 to 4 attempts to ace the NEET PG in India.

Some Interesting Facts about Spartan Health Sciences University

Years of Experience in Providing Quality Medical Education.


Of Spartan Graduates Got PG in USA, in 2020.


Is the 40 year Average of Spartan Health Sciences University Students Getting Residency/PG in USA.

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