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Spartan has more than 2400 of its graduates practicing as doctors in USA Spartan is ranked in the top 20 in the entire world in terms of number of active licensed Physicians/Doctors in USA

Active Physicians
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Most important thing that a student needs to question before he/she decides to join a medical school is whether or not the students graduating from the medical school are successful. More than 87% of Spartan students get PG/Residency in USA in their first attempt. In order to practice as a doctor in USA, students first need to complete PG/Residency in USA. There are no general practitioners in USA Which in other words mean that more than 2400 Spartan students got PG in USA.
39 year average of Spartan students successfully passing USMLE step 1 is more than 84%. Since last 4 years it is more than 96%. Residency or PG in USA is completely free On top of that students get a stipend of minimum 48,000 USD per year while doing PG.
After completing PG, they get a minimum STARTING salary of 200,000 USD to 700,000 USD.

Again, more than 87% Spartan students get PG in USA in their first attempt

Contrast this to students who pass out from China, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, India, Georgia or any other country
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2012
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2013
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2014
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2015
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2016
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2017
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2018
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2019
List of Spartan Graduates who got Residency in 2020
In India there are about 67,000 odd MBBS seats and 35,000 odd PG seats 50% of these pg seats are of Non Clinical branches like Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology etc which students do not prefer So that leaves about 17.5 thousand PG seats in Clinical Branches  About 50% of these seats are in Private Medical Colleges So, that leaves about 8.5k seats So for 67,000 students graduating MBBS every year, there are just 8.5k seats !!! Now, this gap of 50% less PG seats than MBBS has been since independence Every year about 2.5 to 3 lakh students take NEET PG exam So imagine the odds 8.5k seats for 3 lakh students Less than 5%


How much would the students earn after MBBS in India, Russia, Ukraine, China, etc ?
What are the chances of them getting PG ?
Even if they do get PG in India, how much are they going to earn then ?
Spartan students earn upwards of 35 lakh Indian Rupees or 50,000 USD per year while doing their PG in USA
And upwards of 2 crore Indian Rupees or 300,000 USD after completing their PG in USA

Now to the Most Important Point

To get PG/Residency in USA it is of paramount importance that a student has done Core Clinical Rotations/Clerkship in USA Core clinical rotations/ Clerkship can only be done as a part of medical curriculum in ACGME approved teaching hospitals in USA. Every year at least 1000 students come to me with more than 250 260 marks in their USMLE Step 1 exam after completing their MBBS in India, Ukraine, China, Georgia, Philippines Russia etc But most of them don’t get PG in USA even after doing Observership in USA

Spartan students if they score above 230 in USMLE Step 1 exam, they are more or less confirmed of getting PG in USA as their Clinical Rotations are done in USA in ACGME approved Teaching Hospitals in USA along with American Medical Students.

Medical Students

This is the Most Important Point

Scores don’t matter as much as US clinical experience and letter of recommendation from a licensed doctor and clinical head of department in ACGME approved teaching hospital in USA. Please note that in India, marks or scores are the only tool to access a student and grant admission whereas in USA scores or marks are just one of the many tools. Getting good scores or marks does not guarantee admission in PG in USA.

Some u have questions regarding NEET eligibility.  Let me clear that in detail:

NEET eligibility is not required to get admission in Spartan It is required if a student wants to come back to India and practice as doctor in India. However, if the student completes PG/Residency from USA, he/she can practice as PG doctor in India. In this case even if he was not eligible in NEET or didn’t even appear for NEET he can practice as doctor in India.

So, for students who are ineligible in NEET, this is the best and only option to do medicine. As, if a student does MBBS from Russia, Ukraine, China, Georgia, Philippines etc, the only option for him/her is to come back in India but he/she won’t be able to practice if he/she was ineligible in NEET. After completing MBBS from Spartan the student would get a good chance of completing PG from USA and would then be able to come back to India and practise as doctor even if he/she was not eligible in NEET. Students who graduate from Caribbean medical schools also get a starting salary of 4000 USD per month in Caribbean medical schools as lecturers. They would also have an option to do PG from Caribbean and practise as doctors in Caribbean Starting salary for doctors in Caribbean in 100,000 USD per year.

So you can realize your dream of being doctors even if u couldn’t get eligibility in NEET. Also note that the program can be divided into 2 parts

  • 1. Premed
  • 2. MD (MBBS)

Although we have an integrated program, we can give two separate admission letters as well ; one for premed (associate degree) and one for MD program. If a student has not got eligibility in NEET, he/she can take admission now,
Get admission letter for Premed/Associate degree/BSc degree. Come back to India next year and appear for NEET. If he/she gets eligibility in NEET, we will give him a separate letter of admission for medicine so that he will be able to practice as doctor in India. If he doesn’t get eligibility in NET, he can still continue his education in Spartan and automatically matriculate into the MD(MBBS) program as soon as he completes his premed. This would offer one more chance to students to get NEET eligibility without wasting one year. They can prepare for NEET while studying in Spartan and save one year.

All students are guaranteed admission in the MD program as soon as they complete the premed program Spartan offers integrated premed + MD Program for 12th Science graduates. This arrangement can be made just so the students get one more chance to crack NEET.

The purpose of this page is to encourage you to ask pertinent questions and the right questions before u select a medical school. Many others would also benefit from your questions. So again, if u have any questions or want some information or clarification, please feel free to ping me on WhatsApp number +919898917761 or email me at info@zordha.com or fill up the form below to ask your question.

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