Pursuing An MBBS In China

There are advantages as well as challenges for students completing their studies to become a doctor outside of India. Different areas of the world welcome students from all parts of Asia, and Indian students have traveled abroad to complete their course of study for decades.

One of the options for students to consider is an MBBS in China. Unfortunately, many graduates of these MBBS programs find out that after completing six years of study, all required exams, and a internship in India, they are still unable to earn a PG in the USA. For students with a goal of practicing medicine in the USA, the option of study in China to complete their MBBS limits the potential of reaching this goal.

Students that complete an MBBS in China and the residency in India have about the same chance of obtaining a PG in India as those completing their MBBS in India.

Key Issues to Consider

A critical difference between an MBBS at Spartan Health Science University is in the clinical rotations. Spartan Health Sciences University offers ACGME (Accreditation Council for Graduation Medical Education) rotations, which means students complete actual hands-on rotations at an ACGME approved hospital in the USA when they attend Spartan Health Sciences University.

Schools offering an MBBS in China does not provide students access to complete clinical rotations in an ACGME hospital in the USA. Students may find observership after they complete their study but they are not clinical rotations. The results are very different for students, and observerships may not qualify a student to continue with a PG in the USA.

Clinical rotations can only be done as part of a medical curriculum and not after completing MBBS.

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