The Best Alternative To An MBBS In America

Students in India understand the challenges of being accepted into an MBBS program in a university in the country. With over sixteen lakhs students applying for just over seventy-five thousand seats, it is extremely difficult to earn a spot in a program unless the family can afford a private college education. There is the same issue in obtaining a PG in India, with as many as 3 lakh students writing the NEET PG to attempt to earn one of 32 thousand possible seats.

Many aspiring doctors in India want to practice in the USA, or at least complete their PG in the USA and then move into medical positions across the globe. For these individuals, the first thought may be to apply to complete an MBBS in America, but there is another option.

Before deciding the only option is to study MBBS in America, talk to the admissions support staff at Zordha Education. We provide admission and student support for Spartan Health Sciences University, a recognized CAAM HP accredited medical university in the Caribbean. We also work with students to complete their PG in the USA, and over 87% of our graduates are matched with an American hospital to complete their PG and begin their career as a medical doctor. In 2020, 100% of our graduates who applied for PG in the USA were accepted.

We are proud of the 2400 alumni of Spartan Health Sciences University now working as doctors around the world. At Zordha Education, we focus on assisting each student and preparing them on every step of their career path from the application process through to assisting with PG.

The Caribbean Option to an MBBS in America

Medical schools do take foreign students to study MBBS in America, but there are limited seats.

What we know as MBBS in India is known as MD Doctor of Medicine in USA and it is a second entry level degree program.

Students must first complete BSc or PreMed in an American college. They also need to maintain a GPA of 3.8 out of 4 while also preparing for MCAT and score a minimum of 500 in MCAT, which is quite challenging. In order to attend a medical university and earn an MD Doctor of Medicine in America (MBBS in America), students also have to complete an admission interview. Most colleges prefer citizens of USA to foreigners for admission in the MD program. Total tuition fees in medical colleges in USA is also more than 300,000 USD.

The alternative is to attend Spartan Health Sciences University in the Caribbean rather than to study MBBS in America.
Spartan Health Sciences University is recognized by CAAM HP and it follows the same curriculum as medical colleges in USA and LCME guidelines.

MD program is of 4 years
2 years of Basic Science
2 years of Clinical Science in ACGME approved Teaching Hospital in USA

During your Basic Science at Spartan Health Sciences University, You would get the same facilities, labs, equipment and training like Human Simulation Lab, Skills Lab and Standardized Patients(SPs) as students of best American medical colleges.

From here on, You are exactly on the same path as students of American medical colleges
Half of your MD program, the most important part of the MD program, is Clinical Sciences

During Clinical Sciences, you undertake your Clinical Rotations in the same ACGME approved Teaching Hospitals in the USA where students of American medical colleges also complete their clinical rotations.
Your Clinical Experience and Exposure is the same as American medical students

40 year average of Spartan Health Sciences University students getting Residency/PG in USA is more than 87%. What we know as PG is known as Residency in USA. In 2020, 100% Spartan Health Sciences University students, who applied for Residency in USA, got Residency i.e. PG in USA

Residency/PG in USA is absolutely free which means no Tuition Fees. And on top of that, students earn a minimum of 50,000 USD per year while doing PG. Minimum salary after completing PG in USA is about 200,000 USD,

Zordha Education assists students from India and their families in reaching their goal of becoming a doctor and finding work in the United States, Canada, India, the Caribbean, or countries across the globe.

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