The Benefits Of Attending Medical Colleges In The Caribbean

Students in India with an aspiration to become a doctor face a very difficult path to complete their education and their PG within India. However, the demand for doctors continues to increase, with the World Health Organization estimating there are over 10 million doctors around the world providing medical services to over 7.6 billion people.

In India, there are approximately 16 lakh students attempting to earn one of the 75,893 possible seats available in MBBS programs in the country. Of these available seats, about half are in private colleges, with annual fees of up to 20 lakh.

Rather than try for years to get into the MBBS program and then go through the same process for the PG, Zordha Education helps Indian students to attend globally-recognized medical colleges in the Caribbean, which offer comparable courses of study to medical colleges in America. Our focus is to assist students realize their dream by assisting them to navigate through the difficult path to becoming a successful doctor.

Zordha Education is the exclusive admissions advisor for the prestigious Spartan Health Sciences University, a highly recognized medical college in the Caribbean. It is the best medical college abroad and offers Green Book clinical rotations in ACGME hospitals in the United States. This means it offers the same benefits to students as leading medical colleges in America, but at a lower cost. It its also a top medical college in Caribbean comparable to the Best MBBS College in USA for Indian students, catering to special food and dietary options on campus.

An Exceptional MBBS Program

As with the top medical colleges in the USA, Spartan Health Sciences University offers a state-of-the-art facility and highly qualified faculty at our CAAM-HP accredited school. Students have the opportunity to assist in clinics, activities, and events that are hosted by this university, which is recognized as one of the best medical colleges abroad.

An ideal medical college comparable to the best medical college in USA for Indian students as we offer full student support, comfortable accommodation, and dietary and social activities that are very much a part of the Indian culture. Low tuition fees, high rate of graduate success in PG and medical careers, as well as quality education, makes Spartan Health Sciences University the ideal alternative to medical colleges in the USA.

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