Difficulties Of Earning An MBBS In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country that is uniquely located in both Asia as well as Eastern Europe. It is the ninth largest country in the world, and it offers Indian and Asian students the opportunity to earn an MBBS at an established and recognized university.

However, earning an MBBS in Kazakhstan does not provide graduates with a clear path to a medical career in the United States. It does provide the option to apply for the NEET PG to earn a PG in India, but the number accepted per year is only about 32,000, while applications to appear for the NEET PG are over 2.5 lakh per year.

For graduates from an MBBS in Kazakhstan applying for a PG in the United States, the odds are even more concerning. While the specific number does change from year to year, the number is less than 1 in 1000, which makes MBBS in Kazakhstan a very poor choice if working as a doctor in India or the USA is the goal of the student.

The Benefits of Spartan Health Sciences University

An exclusive admission advisors for Spartan Health Science University in St. Lucia, Zordha Education provides full support for students. The program has an exceptionally high rate of success, with over 87% of graduates working as medical doctors in the United States.

The Spartan Health Science University program provides clinical rotations, and not just observership, at an ACGME hospital in the USA. This allows graduates to successfully apply for PG in American facilities and become licensed medical doctors practicing in the country.

Zordha Education assists students with all aspects of applications, academic life, as well as residency support, providing a positive experience to a medical career.

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