The Advantages Of Working With Medical Education Consultants

Students in India planning to attend a university abroad for their MBBS have the advantage of working with our medical education consultants throughout their course of study. Zordha Education is the exclusive and approved provider of MBBS abroad consultancy for Spartan Health Sciences University in the Caribbean.

At Zordha Education, our expertise and experience in assisting students in achieving their MBBS at Spartan Health Sciences University makes all aspects of the application process, the academic study, and completing the PG in America a stress-free experience.

To get started, we provide students with a 5 point checklist. We detail the safety, quality, environment, prospects, and money and respect aspect of completing your MBBS at Spartan Health Sciences University with support from Zordha Education.

Assistance with the Application

Our first contact with students in India is to provide assistance and support in their application to Spartan Health Sciences University. The experienced medical education consultants at Zordha Education provide unlimited free counseling on all aspects of completing their MBBS, including what to expect when living in St. Lucia. This is a safe, welcoming, area of the world with a focus on the quality of life and caring for others, making it an ideal place to study.

After Acceptance

Our MBBS abroad consultancy continues on as you arrive in St. Lucia, completing orientation sessions, assisting with housing, and helping in your move abroad. We can also assist families in travel to St. Lucia for special events and student with travel home if needed. This is a college with a focus on Indian culture, so students feel right at home.

As medical education consultants, we work closely with students, in choosing the best ACGME Approved American hospital, for them individually, to complete the required clinical rotations. Our services continue on with support in applying for a PG in the USA.

Through continued support, Zordha Education helps students in their adjustment to life abroad. We provide ongoing support for their education, clinical rotations, and the challenges in completing PG in the USA.

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