What To Know About Earning An MD In America

Zordha Education provides support through admission, academics, and PG program offered by Spartan Health Sciences University at St. Lucia in the Caribbean. It is a recognized, CAAM HP accredited medical college. Spartan Health Sciences University is one of the 12 colleges in Caribbean which is accredited by CAAM- HP, which allows graduate students to practice in the Caribbean, the United States, and throughout the world.

Students completing and graduating from their studies at Spartan Health Sciences University have an 87% match with PG programs in the United States. This is possible due to the Green Book ACGME approved clinical rotations in the USA that are provided as part of the program. Our graduates with above average performance in USMLE are very likely to receive a residency position in the United States. This residency is free and allows students to recover the cost of tuition within a year and a half.

A clear indication of the value of an MBBS at Spartan Health Sciences University is the number of alumni doctors around the world. Currently, there are more than 2400 highly successful graduates of Spartan Health Sciences University working as medical doctors around the globe.

The MBBS and MD in America

Offering all the benefits, education, and opportunities of an MD in America, the MBBS at Spartan Health Sciences University has lower tuition, smaller class sizes, and an amazing 8 to one student to teacher ratio. This allows for a personalized level of education to support student learning and provide full academic support throughout the program of study.

It is important to realize that the MD program (MBBS) offered by Spartan Health Sciences University is equivalent to MD program (MBBS) offered by the best American Medical Colleges. Admission to any school offering an MD in America requires completion of BSc or Premed in an American College, a score of 500 or greater on the MCAT, successful completion of an admission interview, and the ability to earn a seat as an international student.

The MBBS or Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (1st entry level degree program), is a medical degree designation used in India which is equivalent to the MD or Doctor of Medicine(2nd entry level degree program) designation used in USA.

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