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Quick Information At A Glance

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Realize your Dream of Changing Lives with a Medical Degree and PG in the USA

Did you know that medical doctors are the hardest working professionals in the entire world? There is no better way to make a difference in the world around you than by becoming a successful doctor. For aspiring medical doctors from India, completing MBBS in USA followed by a residency (PG) in the USA is the smartest way to become a highly paid professional that is qualified to practice anywhere in the world. This can be completed without the need to attend medical colleges in America, where acceptance of international students is a difficult process.

Zordha Education is the exclusive representative and admission advisor of Spartan Health Sciences University for the region of Asia. We specialize in assisting students from India, Pakistan, UAE, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Middle East from the initial application process through to successful completion of their MBBS in USA as well as throughout their PG in the United States. This is comparable to students who complete their education at MBBS colleges in USA.

Medical Degree

Our goal is to help you realize your dream of becoming a successful and respected doctor by completing an MBBS in America. Thanks to the comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire process, our consultancy boasts an amazing 90% success rate in students achieving PG in the USA.

Our medical doctors are among the most respected and well paid in the world, and they are as recognized as doctors graduating from medical colleges in America. In fact, by choosing Zordha Education and Spartan Health Sciences University combined with your USA experience, your starting salary will be a minimum of $200,000 USD and could easily reach more than $1,000,000 USD.

Students who are ineligible in NEET will find that studying medicine at Spartan Health Sciences University followed by a PG in the USA will qualify them to practice in India. This also eliminates the challenges of applying to study medicine in USA while still providing an exceptional medical education. This golden opportunity for an MBBS Abroad is available exclusively from Zordha Education!

Start your Path to Success Through Expert
Consultancy and Support

The team at Zordha Education is comprised of highly trained experts who deliver the most robust advice and resources for the successful entry to Spartan Health Sciences University to complete your MBBS in the USA. We are with you throughout your entire journey, providing guided support for your every need as you realize your dream of becoming a successful doctor in the USA.

Zordha Education understands that you have a lot of options available for MBBS colleges in USA. Rather than provide confusing information, we have devised the five point checklist for choosing a medical college using over a decade of careful analysis. This checklist has led us to categorically determine that Spartan Health Sciences University is the smartest choice for Indian students who wish to successfully gain a PG in the USA.

Do not be fooled by consultancy companies who promise faster results at dirt cheap prices who enroll you in programs in Russia, China, or Ukraine. These programs are not equal to medical study in the USA. Our programs are, and our students have far better resources and support, with higher prospects. This is your golden opportunity to create success, complete your MBBS in America, and change peoples’ lives!

Medical Degree and PG in the USA

Why Choose Zordha Education
and Spartan Health Sciences

We believe that the numbers speak for themselves. In India, between two to three lakhs students appear for the NEET PG exam that is required in order for a PG placement in the country, of which only 35,000 students will gain a place. Also, only half of these around 35,000 seats are for clinical branches of medicine.

Spartan Health Sciences University is one of the top twenty international medical colleges in the entire world when it comes to the number of active licensed physicians and practicing doctors in the USA. Your chances of developing a highly successful career are far greater with Zordha Education on your side. Think beyond just an MBBS degree and guarantee your success with opportunities equivalent to medical study in the USA and PG at an ACGME approved teaching hospital in America.

The Zordha Education Five Point Checklist for
Choosing a Medical College


St. Lucia is a thriving tourist destination, and as such, is one of the safest places on Earth. Known as the Princess of the Caribbean, St. Lucians are friendly and accommodating and work hard to keep the crime rate close to zero. Given the dependence of the economy on tourism, you can find everything you need for your studies as well as many opportunities to relax in your spare time anywhere on the island.

Spartan Health Sciences University is situated in Vieux Fort, which is a small, quiet town away from the busy tourist destinations and provides students with the ability to pursue their studies without distraction. On-campus security is always present, keeping the students safe and secure.


The quality of the education that you receive when you study MBBS in USA should be one of your highest priorities. Studying medicine in India will see you sharing your instructor with sixty other students, while in countries such as Russia and Ukraine, you may be sharing them with up to two hundred other students. At Spartan Health Sciences University, the student to instructor ratio is a mere 8 to 1, which is even lower than if you study medicine in USA or Canada. Your learning opportunities are much more focused at Spartan Health Sciences University.

Spartan Health Sciences University has CAAM-HP accreditation, which is the highest honor for Caribbean medical schools, allowing graduates to practice medicine anywhere in the Caribbean, USA, UK, Canada, India and around the globe.

Spartan Health Sciences University boasts a state of the art Human Simulation Laboratory, as well as a Skills Laboratory to deliver a higher quality of hands-on practical experience. USMLE preparation at Spartan Health Sciences University has seen more than 90% of students passing in the first attempt.

Our students do their clinical rotations in ACGME Approved Teaching Hospitals in USA along with students of medical colleges in USA. More than 87% Spartan Health Sciences University students get Residency/PG in USA in their first attempt.


Not only does St. Lucia boast temperatures of around 20-30°C, but Indian students will feel extremely welcomed thanks to the environment at Spartan Health Sciences University.

The college has its roots in India, and you will be able to experience the culture that you love. Over half of the teaching staff is Indian, including the Dean. Any challenges you face or issues you experience when you complete your MBBS in USA can be easily taken to your professors, as they are approachable and compassionate to your needs and beliefs.

Indian culture is everywhere, making you feel at home. Enjoy South Indian and North Indian cuisine, including Indian vegetarian food that is readily available at any time. In fact, the Zordha Education Hostel features a separate North Indian & South Indian chef who creates inspiring North Indian & South Indian delicacies for you to enjoy each day.

You can also take time to relax and celebrate your culture at one of Spartan Health Sciences University’s many events and festivals. Celebrate Holi, Diwali, Idd and Christmas with your fellow students and create memories that will last a lifetime!


Successful completion of the program allows students the opportunity to apply for residency programs or PG in the USA, just like students from medical schools in USA. Zordha Education’s partnership with Spartan Health Sciences University is extremely successful in having these students placed at a hospital in the USA for PG, just like those who study MBBS in USA. Our statistics speak for themselves: in 2020, 100% of Spartan Health Sciences University students who applied for PG in the USA were successful on their first attempt.

Once you have completed your premed and medical degree, Zordha Education provides robust assistance with your application for PG, including letters of recommendation as well as ensuring that the application is meticulously drafted. You will confidently approach your interviews thanks to our extensive training and preparation.

Students from Spartan Health Sciences University take part in Green Book ACGME approved clinical rotations in the USA, which increases your chances of being matched to a residency position in the USA. In addition, the four year average of students that are successful in their USMLE step 1 exam is 92%, rivaling the success rates of students completing their MBBS at medical schools in USA.

In the rare cases where you are not offered a PG in the USA in the first attempt, there are many opportunities to gain experience in the USA, St. Lucia, or any other medical school in the Caribbean, either in a teaching or research position. These positions guarantee you an income of between $3,000 to $5,000 USD per month and provide you with valuable experience that strengthens your PG application for the next attempt.


The most important aspect of your journey is that you are properly rewarded for making the brave decision to become a doctor. When you have the responsibility of people’s lives in your hands, you will not only gain the trust and respect of everyone around you, but your work will directly have an impact on the quality of life of those in your care. The respect you receive is one of life’s greatest joys, and as you make a difference in the world, your income will reflect the great work that you do.

During your PG in the USA, you will receive a yearly stipend of minimum $48,000 USD. Upon completion, your starting salary will be a minimum of $200,000 USD and will rise as you gain experience. Within five to seven years, you can be earning more than $1,000,000 USD each year!


What Our Student’s Says

My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that,
And I intend to end up there.----Rumi

Right education is to help you to find out for yourself what you really, with all your heart, love to do.----J. Krishnamurti

Like the shadow I am,
And I am not.----Rumi

Ardently do today what must be done. Who knows? Tomorrow, death comes.----Buddha

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