Comparing Medical Schools In The Caribbean

There are several different universities in the Caribbean that offer the MBBS program. For students in India, Zordha Education provides admissions support and ongoing support throughout their course of study at Spartan Health Sciences University. Recognized as one of the leading medical schools in the Caribbean, it has four decades of experience in providing excellent medical education for students from India and around the world.

Spartan Health Sciences University provides an equivalent education to top medical schools in the USA. However, students at Spartan Health Sciences University enjoy lower tuition, a more personalized education experience, and a student to teacher ratio of about eight to one, which is less than half of the student to teacher ratio found in medical schools in the USA. We provide a student life experience that has roots in the Indian culture, while still offering world-class education and ACGME Green Book clinical rotations and PG in the USA.

The Spartan Health Sciences University Difference

Students applying to Spartan Health Sciences University have the full support and services of Zordha Education from their application through to their Greenbook clinical rotations in an American ACGME teaching hospital.

In addition to a state-of-the-art campus and exceptional instructors, Spartan Health Sciences University provides students with a rich student life and educational experience. Students can provide real-world medical support in community medical clinics offered in and around St. Lucia, and there are a large number of groups, organizations, and academic competitions for students throughout the school year.

In addition to being one of the top medical schools in the Caribbean, students also have the opportunity to experience the culture and the beauty of the island. St. Lucia offers a very safe environment, and we offer ongoing support, coaching, and consultancy for our students from admissions through to the completion of PG.

With a full range of student activities and special events, it is no wonder Spartan Health Sciences University is a top medical school in the Caribbean.

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