Studying for MBBS In USA

Students in India and throughout Asia who are interested in pursuing an MBBS abroad should consider all aspects of both the academic study as well as future career potential.

Through Zordha Education, we offer students interested in MBBS in the USA, an option to complete their course of study through Spartan Health Science University. Located in St. Lucia, the campus features state-of-the-art training facilities, respected and recognized faculty, and a proven record of educating leading medical professionals. They go on to complete PG (residency) in the USA.

The Benefits of An MBBS in the USA

At Zorhda Education, we guide students interested in earning an MBBS in the USA throughout all aspects of their course of study. We work directly with students and families to provide a clear understanding of the career paths available, and we support students throughout their training and in finding a PG in the United States.

Students from India, considering an MBBS abroad, will find our experience and expertise in supporting students with admission documentation and preparation, post-acceptance support to transition to Spartan Health Sciences University in St. Lucia, as well as assisting students in their residency applications, interviews, and clinical rotations in the USA. We also support families of our students, and there are several events throughout the course of study that parents and family members will want to attend.

Our focus at Zordha Education is to assist students with a positive education and residency experience. This is essential for students completing an MBBS abroad, ensuring their safety, health, and success throughout their university education and their residency requirements.

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