The Challenges Of Earning An MBBS In Ukraine

Students in India and throughout the Asian region have many different options when it comes to pursuing an MBBS. Different countries and various universities offer this program of study, but not all provide the specific opportunities and long-term career benefits that an MBBS from Spartan Health Sciences University in St. Lucia offers.

At Zordha Education, we are the admissions advisors and representatives for Spartan Health Science University, proving a full range of services from application through to residency in the United States. Unlike students achieving an MBBS in Ukraine, students graduating from Spartan Health Sciences University have more than 87% rate of placement in a PG in the United States.

The Benefits of an MBBS in the USA

Despite often aggressive marketing programs by universities offering an MBBS in Ukraine, there are definite advantages in applying to Spartan Health Sciences University with assistance from Zordha Education.

Completing an MBBS from Spartan Health Sciences University ensures the student has the required clinical rotation from an ACGME approved hospital facility in the USA. Students after completing MBBS in Ukraine, may find observerships in USA, which is not the same as an actual hands on clinical rotation in ACGME approved hospital. Residency directors look closely at any MBBS earned abroad especially US Clinical Experience before approval into any USA hospital residency program.

In addition to the implications for PG and long-term careers, Spartan Health Sciences University offers several other benefits. The campus is state-of-the-art, with recognized faculty who are experts in their field. Student life on the island of St. Lucia is relaxed and offers opportunities for interactions, participation in various clinics and events, as well as full support ans assistance from Zordha Education throughout your academic career and residency program.

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