The Reality Of Completing An MBBS In Maharashtra

Every year in India, over 16 lakh students aspire for a seat in MBBS programs across the country. At the same time, there are only 75,893 possible seats in all programs, with over half of those seats available only to those who can afford a private college in the country.

Completing an MBBS in Maharashtra does have advantages. It allows many students to live at home or close to their families while completing their course of study and, in some cases, even their PG. However, unless the family can afford up to 20 lakh per year in tuition and fees, these types of degree programs are out of reach for many.

Graduation from an MBBS in Maharashtra does not offer any benefits in completing post-graduate work. In this area, the number of applicants for the NEET PG is about 3 lakh per year, with only about 32,000 possible seats.

Alternatives to an MBBS in Maharashtra

Applying for an MBBS at Spartan Health Science University in St. Lucia offers a very different outlook for students aspiring for a career in medicine. Zordha Education is an exclusive admission advisor and provider of students services and admissions assistance to Spartan Health Science University, and we work closely with students and families throughout their degree program and residency in the United States. Students can complete their clinical rotations from the same hospitals where students of American medical colleges complete their clinical rotations.

Unlike the challenges for application for the MBBS and PG in India, students will have reasonable tuition, a beautiful campus and student accommodation, and fully recognized ACGME clinical rotations in American hospitals along with American medical students, allowing for PG placement in the United States.

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